Jabuka 2016

The whole week before the Seascape27 fleet would again join the famous regatta Jabuka was marked by the anticipation of what comes next.

One of public Croatian TV stations stated that only chaos theory could describe weather coming over the weekend. Our renowned meteorologist and a dedicated Seascaper Jure could not agree more. He was both advising us and race organisers. As strong Jugo (SE) wind howled outside, the suspense built over Friday afternoon. Race organisers didn’t want to announce any decisions before final skippers meeting at 7 pm. Half past 6 Port Authority declared an official order that all boats are forbidden to leave port. That immediately delayed skippers meeting for a least another hour to buy time and find a solution. Only when race organisers put to ease Port Authorities concerns and declared that the shorter route would be sailed the order was lifted. They also decided to postpone until next morning and not to go with a night start. The new route went: Vodice, island Tijat on starboard, – island Zmajan on port – rock Mala Mare on port, island Blitvenica on port – rock Mulo on port – Vodice. With only 49 NM that is almost half of the original route. Knowing all that we went to sleep quite pleased, pouring rain and far but constant thunder outside.


Jabuka 2016 in numbers:

  • 14th edition – 5th for the Seascape27s
  • 92 boats total – 9 Seascapes
  • 12 nationalities – 6 in Seascape fleet
  • Shortened route – 50 NM
  • Wind:  Bora 30 knots with gusts 35 knots


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