Towards Jabuka 2016

In exactly one month, our Seascape27 teams will be light dots on the black canvas in front of Vodice in Croatia. For the fifth year in a row we will be joining one of the most famous and most magic offshore races in Croatia. It is a quite unique experience, 100 boats start in pitch dark in front of Vodice port, navigating 45 NM miles towards volcanic island called Jabuka. The anticipation keeps you awake during the night, because you can never be sure if you will have a chance to ses the mysterious rock or not. Sometimes you reach in a dark night and you don’t even realize it until it’s in front of you, and sometimes you have the joy of morning sun discovering Jabuka to you.

Seascape fleet has been joining Jabuka for years, and it became our first Seascape signature event. Read the story about the race and the first Seascape27 competitions on our event website jabuka27.com, under The Race. Full media coverage from previous years can be found in archive, Jabuka 2014 and Jabuka 2015.
As soon as the registrations start, we will be adding our Teams for 2016 edition on jabuka27.com.

This year the entire event will again be covered on the website, with live on shore and on board reports.

If you are still not sure whether to join us, take a look at the most exciting video ever filmed on Jabuka. It would just be a shame to miss it!

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