SeascapeSpirit nominations

Seascape Spirit award spontaneously started with our first Seascape owners, people who were being our inspiration to built better things, events, experiences. For this reason we have decided to officially present the SeascapeSpirit award every year to the ones that represented it the most.

It would be impossible to number all of you that carry that special spark, therefore we have decided to widen our search and invite all of you to nominate the ones that, in your opinion, present the SeascapeSpirit. The nominations are completely open and you are welcome to nominate your friend owner, a family, a sailing team, or a group of people that you feel should be the SeascapeSpirit presenters for 2016. It would be important to point out that SeascapeSpirit is not about who did the biggest achievement or the craziest adventure – every one of us enjoys life in many different ways, as well as all of us enjoy our boat on our special way. So no story is too small or too big. It is about the SeascapeSpirit!

Since all us would like to meet our owners around the world that enjoy their boat in their own, one of a kind way, every nomination should consist of a short story about the nominee, the reason why you nominate them and photos or videos of their most interesting days on Seascape. Please send your nominations to marina@thinkseascape.com until November 7th.

Seascape team, with a help of previous SeascapeSpirit winners, Michael and Johanna an German Seascape18 association, will choose the winner of SeascapeSpirit award for 2016.

The most interesting Seascape stories will be published on our website, and the official presentation of the SeascapeSpirit award will take part on Seascape Party in Ljubljana, November 18th.

The best presentation of the SeascapeSpirit is a video made during one beautiful afternoon with Opti sailors on board. Words are unnecessary!

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