SeascapeCup 2016

Being one of the best sailing locations in the entire Europe, we are used to seeing fleets of colorful sails of numerous small classes that compete on lake Garda almost every day. With big proud we can say that this weekend a big fleet of colorful sails belonged to a Seascape18 class. This was the second year for the SeascapeCup, organized as a part of Seascape signature event series. Fleet of 20 boats and 9 nationalities in 2015 was indeed an amazing start followed by a new record with 24 boats on the starting line this year, making the SeascapeCup the largest Seascape18 gathering so far.

Among 65 sailors that joined the SeascapeCup you could find all kind of sailing profiles, from professionals, experienced owners, family teams, recreational sailors and racing beginners. And that is the beauty of Seascape community. After the race, we all sit at the same table, exchanging experience and ideas.

Lake Garda never disapoints when it comes to sailing conditions and the scenery. During three days on the water, our sailors had the oportunity to try out in almost all conditions, from light wind to 20+ knots of Ora. Thanks to perfectly organized Stickl team, there was no waiting or loosing time unnecesary. In case of no wind, all boats were towed to the port where we waited for a further development over a lunch.

After 8 wildward-leeward races, one longdistance and 500m speed challenge, the title of a new SeascapeCup champion went to team Sinbad with Tomislav Bašić on the helm, crewed by Stipe Vitaljić and Jelmer Bouw. Tome and Stipe have a long history of profesional sailing in Match Racing, small classes like Melges 20, with Tome being in the top of  the sailing elite racing on RC44 and TP52. With this background the results are not such a big surprise. On the other hand Tome is a proud owner of Seascape18, CRO004 called Sinbad which is often used for his trainings and developing new ideas, but mostly, as a family cruising boat.

Tomislav’s impressions:
“Seascape18 class is a great mix of good sailing and good time spent with other sailors. Thanks to the boat concept and it’s easy handling, both, experienced and less experienced teams have almost equal opportunities for good results. The only difference can be seen in strong wind conditions where the experience plays much bigger part. Longdistance races, as well as the 500m challenge shows exactly that, where all teams come close together, and as you can see by 500m results, it is about catching the right moment! The organization was perfect, Stickl and Seascape team did a great job on the water and with the variety of wind conditions we had during three days, there was no waiting between the races. All in all, fun weekend and great community!”

The second place went to a young Slovenian team Bulb, who joined the Seascape community this year, with Domen Mazalin on the helm, crewed by Aleksander Seifert. Being sailors and working in the sailing industry, Domen and Aleksander did their best to keep up with the professionals and the results were excellent.

Domen’s impressions:
“Racing in this conditions really suites us. We normally race doublehanded and we already knew we are very fast in hard weather. Adding the third member to our team wood be a great upwind boost, but unfortunately my brother couldn’t join us on Friday. So we mostly sailed overpowered, even two races with a completely broken bum. Despite all the handicaps we are happy with the result. I would like to thank my crew Alex for being a lion, my brother for coming to support us and Mr Stickl for borrowing us a spare boom.”

The third place went to our last year Champions, team Blue Sardina II, with Dejan Presen on the helm, crewed by Denes Szilagyi and Miha Truden. Dejan Presen, apart from being an exceptional Match Race sailor, currently 15th on the worlds ranking,  is one of the most active Slovenian Seascape18 sailors and key figures in the Slovenian Seascape18 association, the person that always motivates other owners.

Slovenian team Little Devil was just a step away from the podium. This was their first SeascapeCup and they are really satisfied with their result.

Blaž’s impressions:
“We are thrilled to have joined the Seascape community earlier this year. The competition in the 18 class is getting more and more intense, so the racing gets really exciting. But as soon as you hit the docks, everybody switches to ‘party mode’ and the fun just continues on. When you combine this with such a great venue and hospitality, you really get a perfect event. We are satisfied with our racing results. After the first two races we sailed very consistent and finished close to the podium. We just can’t wait to be back for more next year! :-)”

Adding longdistance race and a speed challenge was a decision made precisely because of the fun element of the event. Longdistance always gives more opportunities to all teams equally, sometimes it is just important to have a bit more luck and be on the right place at the right time. On the other hand, speed challenge was pure fun. Interesting to say that the first teams weren’t even close of hitting the event speed record. The fastest ones were team Karolina, with Robert Vysata, Ondrej Bobek and Teja Plešec, a team that always gives their best and never forgets to enjoy the moment. Their top speed was 12,55 kn on 500m, while the second best speed, 12,07 kn went to team Corna with Marjan Gorec, Tamara Furlan and Marko Gardaševič, one of the most relaxed teams in the entire fleet who simply enjoy every moment on the water.

Thanks to our hosts and partners, Stickl sportcam who helped us organizing another successful Seascape event, and special thanks to all 65 sailors who helped us creating wonderful sailing gathering with competitive, but still fun and relaxed atmosphere.

The preparations for the SeascapeCup 2017 are already on the roll and we are looking forward to seeing you there in even greater number!

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