13 Silverrudder Finishers

The biggest Seascape fleet so far joined the the 2016 edition of the largest singlehanded race in the world, the Silverrudder. This was the fourth time our sailors joined the event, so we can say it became a part of our tradition and Seascape Spirit. All 13 teams who started the race also finished it, which is a huge personal achievement considering the 134NM route.

Seascapers already have a special designated corner in the Svendborg port, you can always be sure to find us there. 6 Seascape18’s, 2 Seascape24’s and 5 Seascape27’s were preparing for the challenge during Thursday and started the challenge early on Friday morning. After a start in extremely light wind conditions,  wind started picking up and we can say we had the perfect sailing conditions.

The first one to complete the 134NM course was Karlheinz Muller on Wilde Perle, a Seascape27 owner who has been joining our Signature events from the beginning. After a good start, he continued sailing in the top of the entire fleet, slowly leaving behind other Seascapes. Our new 27 owner, Sven Moller finished second in Seascape27 class and Philipp Lenzlinger, who experienced a challenge of sailing without an autopilot, came third. For Joachim Hasler this was the first singlehanded sailing on his 27 and he came in fourth, while Kristian Evers, also a new owner, came fifth.

In Seascape24 division, Bjarne Lorenzen almost won the Mini group, arriving just few minutes after the winner. For Per Cederberg, our Silverrudder veteran, this was the first time doing the route on Seascape24. After sailing on an 18, this was a piece of cake.

The winner of the Seascape18 class is Jan Kobler. His last Silverrudder finished after 49 hours on the water, so this one was much easier for sure. For Martin Hammershoj this was his second Silverrudder and he finished second, while Jochen Denkena, one of our veterans, came in third and Thomas Hummels, one of the most active German sailors, came fourth. For Hajo Hansel and Kjell Johansson this was their first time on the race, finishing as fifth and sixth.

Congratulations to all our Finishers and we see you again on Silverrudder 2017!

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