Preparing for Silverrudder 2016

What started as a small group of enthusiasts sailing singlehanded around island Fyn in Denmark, after just a few years turned out to be the biggest singlehanded race in the world! In 2012, those 15 inspired sailors started a Silverrudder history! You could guess that already in 2013 there were few crazy guys doing it in Seascape18! By the second edition of Silverrudder there we already 100 registered boats, in 2014 they had a limit on 200 and 2015 had 330 registrations. Obviously, the singlehanded longdistance sailing is a challenge that calls out the adventurer in every sailor, to go over the horizon and expand their comfort zone. Here is where our Seascape sailors come to the picture. Being one of the smallest boats there, Seascape spirit proves that there are really no limits. This year, among 400 sailors, we will again have our Seascapers, sailing in 18, 24 and 27!

Take a look how the story started for Seascapes in 2013, in Andraž Mihelin’s video.

Even though all of us living south are always a bit skeptic about the Danish weather in September, the first two Silverrudder editions had the perfect weather conditions. In 2014 we again had our Seascape sailors joining, but this time the story was a bit different. No wind and fog made it impossible for most of the fleet. Only 40 boats finished the race and one Seascape18 among them! Read Jan Kobler’s story about his firs and longest Silverrudder!

On the other hand, it was an excellent year for the 27’s, with Andraž Mihelin winning the line honors in a monohull division!

2015 was another successful year for us, with all our sailors finishing the 134NM route.

We have only 20 days to the start of the 2016 edition and 15 of our sailors are getting ready for the challenge! For all of you who will not be in Denmark on the Sept 23rd, our media team will keep you posted on all activities on shore and on the water on our event website, seascapesilverrudder.com. Don’t forget to share it with you friends and support our teams on Silverrudder 2016!


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