Seascape24 family cruising

Danish family of five recently picked up their brand new Seascape24 from our shipyard and continued to the journey they were dreaming of for a long time. Emerald boat on a turquoise Maddalena Islands waters with three happy kids and two even happier adults. This is their story, written by the head of the family, Per Cederberg.

Family-cruising around La Maddelenaarchipelago in our brand new Seascape24.

by Per Cederberg

Some 20 years ago I was sailing as a kind of professional skipper around the Med, and one of the favorite destinations was always the coast of North Sardinia. I guess perhaps the owner somehow liked to see his little 60 footer among the 100feet+ yachts lying around Port Cervo, to get something to aspire to? Anyway, the whole area is a real natural beauty, and the sailing conditions generally absolutely superb.

So 20 years ago when sailing there, I said to myself I have to come back here to do some more cruising on my own. At that time, long before anyone had thought about Seascape I guess, it meant saving a lot of money, buying a big boat and take minimum 1 year out of the calendar and go cruising the Med. Big, and probably completely unrealistic, plans!
But then Seascape comes along ! And now virtually most of the World becomes accessible with your little trailerboat. If you can drive there, and there is water, you can probably cruise there too! So during the winter plans where growing, looking at pictures of the area, checking ferry options, making sure all family members could match at least 2 weeks of holiday at the same time etc. And then hoping we would get a boat in time, of course 🙂

When we arrived in Jesenice on the Tuesday morning, the guys where still working on the boat and we had to leave latest 13.00 to catch the ferry from Livorno (another 600km drive across Italy). In the end we got to Livorno 15 minutes ahead of departure – no stress!

Super excited about the new boat, which is an absolute beauty in any way and had instantly made the new owner very proud, we could rig and launch the boat the next morning from one of the shipyards near Olbia. In the afternoon on Wednesday we set sails, the cruise was on!

Follows 8 days of life aboard for our family of 5. In all we spent 2 nights in a small marina, and 6 nights on anchor. The area from Olbia to La Maddelena is only around 30NM, and we probably only sailed about 80 miles in all, short trips from one beautiful bay to the next and a lot of bathing in gorgeous blue water.

Very quickly we got a daily routine: old folks up early, go for a swim and have a coffee on already warm sun, enjoying some quiet time while kids were still sleeping. Then kids up, more swimming, breakfast and then sailing for 1-2 hours, to the next beautiful bay, have a long rest/lunch/swims mid-day and then a couple of hours sailing in the afternoon to our overnight location. Weather was perfect 28-34 degrees and blue skies everyday, with a perfect breeze, between 5 and 15 kts, only interrupted by 24hours of a little mistral. And the weather forecast was correct, which is of course essential so the wind don’t turn 180 degrees unexpected when you are anchoring overnight.

So about the boat, I have to say, what a baptize it was, it definitely  became family member no 6.

I had already sailed the Seascape24 once, so knew a bit what to expect, still I got a few very pleasant surprises:
– How absolutely fantastic the boat sails in light wind. I have never sailed a keel-boat that so quickly gets up to speed and becomes a real pleasure to sail. 3-4 kts of wind, perfect, sheet in and of you go, with a nice little heel and good rudder feel
– In stronger wind (we had one afternoon of 20+ kts), and when in cruising mode, just take a reef and go on main alone, the boat sails remarkably well under main alone, also upwind ! (something I had to try myself to believe it)
– The interior solution with all the bunk area and stowage bags works like a charm, I am not kidding when I say, we could comfortably sleep 5 “down below”.
– Big cockpit lockers are great
– The cockpit is ergonomically very comfortable, especially when having the seascape bean bag around
– As expected, give kids the tiller and they can handle the 90 something square meters without any issues, also while boat is cruising along 8-10 knots, it’s quite an experience!

So, what else can we say. The boat is in our opinion absolutely perfect as a small live-aboard family cruiser. And definitely the one of those, that sails the best. By far, meaning without any comparison actually. So, when sailing the Seascape, the journey does become the reward!

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