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It’s been roughly two years since my last trip to Chicago. Back then we were a pocket team with me and Phil Sharp designated as sailors and Svein and Olga acting as the ground support. It was quite a logistical feat since Svein brought his Seascape27  Seacan from Lake Champlain some 1500km away while me and Phil flew in from Europe.  What an experience though – we won the double handed class and had great time doing it. Svein’s and Olga support was flawless with equipment in place, hotels booked and trailer waiting the boat at the finish.

You can read more about this in Phil’s article here: Chicago Mackinac Race 2014.

Back then lots of people were impressed by the video showing us blasting down the final stretch of the course towards the finish. And I’m happy to say this year we topped that. This is the footage from Seascapes USA59 Nemo and CAN17 Seacan that joined the race – this time fully crewed. Enjoy.



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