Seascape24 debut on Zurich Lake

Seascape24 with Tit Plevnik and Srđan Pantovič joined Zurich Day and Night regatta in Switzerland. And took all the fame! Read the report from the race written by Tit Plevnik.


Zurich Day and Night regatta

On the 11th of June Seascape24 made her debut in Switzerland. Seascape Team sailed Zurich Day and Night regatta for the second time. Two years ago we supported our Seascape Ambasador Philipp Lenzlinger on his Seascape27 Escapade, while this year we decided to prove the performance of or brand new Seascape24. Route of the race is 30NM circum navigation along the Zurich lake and was sailed by Tit Plevnik and Srđan Pantovič.

Start of the race was on Saturday at 14.00 and even though the weather forecast was really light we got nice SE breeze with gusts over 15kt for first few miles. We didn’t start very well and also didn’t get up to speed for the first few miles. After the first quarter of the race we found ourselves in really bad position in the second half of the fleet.

Wind dropped after and got perfectly in line with lake reputation and our expectations 🙂 Most of the fleet was positioned very close to the E shore, while we’ve positioned ourselves more to the middle and have been doing quite well catching boat after boat. Nice breeze over 15 kt from the squall on W shore pushed the fleet closer to the downwind mark and Seascape24 proved to be a real rocket, as we managed to took over the middle of the fleet and get to the tail of the leading group. On the downwind mark, on the half of the race, we were on around 12th place over all and 3rd in our group.

Soon after the mark wind died completely and we have been progressing really slow. Our main tactical decision was to stay more off the shore and it proved to be right, while most the fleet was trying their luck closer to the shore. Once again we were surprised by boats performance. We were mostly faster and could point higher upwind than the boats around. One by one we overtook four Dynamics 35, Dolphin 81, Esse 750 and few others. After the sunset we decided to move closer to the side of the lake when general gradient wind along the lake died completely. And we had great timing doing it. In the last quarter of the race, after we overtook 6 boats, we managed to escape the fleet and made 18 minutes advantage on the next boat.

We finished 6th overall in the fleet of 38 boats and first in the group S6 B with 9 boats. With some more local knowledge about the lake and wind conditions and with better first quarter of the race, there is still place for improvements. Zurich Lake, see you next year again!

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