The Zwischenahner Summerrace

The German Seascape18 class association is one of the most active Seascape18 communities in the world. Apart from their racing calendar, they have expanded their interest and organized a training week, as well as a famous German cruising week. The German community is also a winner of the Seascape Spirit award 2015, precisely for being a community where every sailor finds and shares something with others!

This weekend German Seascapers joined for their traditional Zwischenahner Summerrace. This is the 4th year in a row teams have been traveling all the way to the NW Germany and they say it is worth it! Despite not so ideal weather conditions and only a few sailed races, 10 teams had a great time anyway. These few races turned out to be longer ones, and teams really had to be patient with the wind. On the other hand, most of the sailors know each other since this is extremely well connected community and they are always happy to welcome new people on board.

This time, 19 year old dingy sailor Laura Fritsch joined the race and had only good experiences!

“Seascape regatta was a completely new experience for me, so different from 420s – in a positive way. I felt welcome, everything was much more personal than I’m used to. All sailors are spending time together, exchanging the experience, without dividing the better sailors and the beginners. Seascape weekend was a really great experience for me.”

Some of the new owners joined the race for the first time. Tobias Rieger, GER 223 has his boat since January and he has very positive impressions, both, about the boat and about the community.

“I was searching for a boat that offers me a possibility of leisure sailing with my wife Gerti, but as well  joining some races occasionally. After intensive search, I found that Seascape meets my expectations. This was our first race and we have probably done everything right. But what is more important, Seascapers are very pleasant people. We got a feeling that we truly belong there.”

Congratulations to all teams on great sailing and, much more, congratulations on such wonderful, friendly event. You can read the full story about the race on the official website of the German class, www.seascape18.de, ZSK Sommerregatta gelungen auch bei wenig Wind, as well as many other interesting stories of our German owners!

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