Slovenian Nationals 2016

Slovenia has the longest tradition of Seascape18 racing in the world, after all, this is the homeland of Seascapes. The first years Seascape18 teams were joining other monotype races in Slovenia, until 2012 when the owners decided to form a Monocup sailing series. The first Seascape18 Nationals in Slovenia took part in 2012 and since then, sailors from Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Slovakia and others are joining this event.

Like with everything in life, we had some better years and some not so good years, however, the Spirit  was always present!

This weekend 18 teams gathered in Portorož to join Slovenian Seascape18 Open Championship. With 15 Slovenian teams and 3 foreign, this is the highest participation of Slovenian teams ever! It is amazing to see that after a few years of stagnation, Slovenian Seascape18 community started to grow again. We have new teams and new owners joining the community, as well as the return of some older teams, which made us extremely happy. Among all this variety, we have family teams, friend teams, recreational sailors as well as some professionals also. The youngest team on this race was Marandica, father sailing with his two daughters, Urška 14 and Sara 11 years old. On the other side, our oldest team are Duško and Duško on board Pjer, with 65 year old Dušan Puh on the helm! Don’t be mislead by the ages, Duško team is extremely competitive! On the professional side, we had Slovenian Olympic 470 sailing team, Tina and Veronika, and of course, our Champion and MR sailor Dejan Presen.

Jure Jerman, the chairman of the Slovenian Seascape18 association, said that this was definitely the most competitive Slovenian Nationals so far with extremely equal sailing skills in the most of the fleet. You can see the level of the competitiveness in close duels and tense starts which lead to a big number of protests. However, all of this made the entire competition interesting! The protests were sorted after the race over a beer with no hard feelings!

Due to a very unstable weather condition during the last week, we were really lucky with the weekend conditions. On Saturday we had 6-12 knots of sea breeze, while on Sunday we started with S wind, shifting to WSW, 5-13 knots.

Apart from good sailing, Slovenian nationals are famous for great on shore program. After few beers and dinner, the evening continued with a cocktail party at Alaya beach club in Portotož! Must mention that there is always a different kind of competition going on there, this time the winner is the last team that stays in the club!

All in all, the feedback from our teams are more than great – excellent organization, great sailing and wonderful social time on shore.

Congratulations to all teams on their results, and of course, congratulations to our new old Slovenian Champions, Dejan Presen and Denes Szilagy on a true fight. Congratulations to team Pjer with Dušan Puh and Dušan Konrad on winning the second place and team Bulb with Domen Mazalin and Aleksander Seifert on taking the third place.

Final results 2016

Photo credit: Jana Pines

Thanks to Slovenian Seascape18 association on great organization and RC on running a great event on the racing field. Big thanks goes to our friend Jana Pines who made wonderful photos of the event!

Thanks to all teams who joined the Slovenian Seascape18 Open Championship and looking forward to seeing you again in 2017 in even bigger number!

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