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We opened the sailing season with some amazing Seascape events during April; started with Seascape week on Garda, continued with opening of Slovenian Monocup sailing season and concluded with amazing 5 days in Croatia on SeascapeChallenge!



SeascapeChallenge, April 22nd, CRO



The second edition of our pioneer signature event project, the SeascapeChallenge, with 18 teams and 9 nationalities from all around the world proves that this event has its believers and its future. Thank you all for supporting us! The full event coverage and race replay is on seascapechallenge.com!

Upcoming in May…


Full speed ahead in May when it comes to more Seascape events. This weekend we will be sailing in 3 different locations in Europe – two signature events and one national championship!


GPEN18, May 5th – 8th / FRA


GPEN18 Facebook event


Grand Prix Ecole Navale is one of the biggest and most popular sailing festivals in France, gathering teams from all around Europe, having more than 900 sailors on the water. Seascape18’s have been joining the GPEN since 2011, with teams from France, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Slovenia. This year GPEN also includes French Seascape18 open national championship and it will be runned and covered as a Seascape signature event.


La Duecento27, May 5th – 8th / ITA


La Duecento27 Facebook event



One of the most famous Italian offshore races, La Duecento, is again a part of our Seascape signature event calendar. Last year Seascapes sailed the 200NM in Italian and Croatian waters for the first time and this year we will be meeting in Caorle again!


Traunsee Woche, May 5th – 8th / AUT

Traunsee Woche 18 Facebook event



Traunsee Woche is the biggest Austrian race on lake Traunsee, with numerous monotype classes from Optimists to racing catamarans. Seascape18’s have been joining the Traunsee Woche since 2012 and in 2013 there was a fleet of 20 boats from all around Europe! This year Traunsee Woche is also an Austrian Seascape18 national championship and a part of Central European Cup series.


May is full of events all around Europe, so don’t miss the opportunity to sail in Denmark, Netherlands and Slovenia. Find all information about the races on our website, Events in May.

Upcoming in June…


Cinquecento May 30th – June 4th / ITA
This year our Seascape27 teams will be joining again the famous Italian offshore race, the Cinquecento! At the moment we have two registered teams, so you are welcome to join them on this beautiful and challenging race.


Yacht singlehanded training,June 1st – 3rd / GER
After last years great feedback, Yacht Magazine organizes another singlehanded training, exclusively on Seascape27’s. Experienced singlehanded sailors and great instructors, Boris Herrmann and Andraž Mihelin will share their knowledge to a very limited number of participants. Find all information on Yach singlehanded training.


Bohus Race27, June 30th – July 3rd / SWE
Seascape signature events are taking you to beautiful Bohus archipelago in Sweden for the second year in a row. Seascape27 teams will be joining 170NM longdistance challenge, sailing among thousands of famous Swedish rocks.


Find more events on our website calendar, Events in June.

Summer is just around the corner…



Don’t miss the last opportunity to join us on the first Seascape signature cruising event, the Kornati Raid! You can join us with your own Seascape18, or a rented one. We will be sailing together in July, 17th – 23rd in amazing Kornati national park archipelago. Read more about the event on our website, Seascape Kornati Raid.


You are invited on a cruise with our sailors in Germany/Netherlands, Ijsselmeer Raid, or along amazing coast of France, Raid Atlantique North or Raid Atlantique South!

What is new?

From now you can follow us on online on our new social media profiles, Twitter and Instagram, as well as Facebook event pages.

Twitter feed is added to our signature event websites. Live tweets rolling on the side of the page are an excellent way to keep you posted about the smallest details happening at that moment!

Starting from this season, many Seascape events will be covered by Facebook event page, where you will be able to follow the latest live updates.


Enjoy your first days on the water and see you on some of many Seascape events!


Fair Winds!

Marina Horvat

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