International Seascape18 owners association

During 2015, especially after the Seascape Cup which was attended by 9 nationalities, there was quite a lot of talk about forming International Seascape18 association. Dusseldorf boat show was great opportunity to gather as many nations as possible, so the German Seascape18 association sent the invitation for the first founding meeting of ISCA.

ISCA stands for International Seascape18 class association, which intention is to include all national associations and owners who would like to be a part of it. The main gola of this association is connecting Seascape owners world wide, promoting and creating Seascape events, which includes racing, cruising and training.


After the first founding meeting, the leadership was elected:
Heinz-Christian Bock (GER) – chairman
Jure Jerman (SLO) – vice-president
Andra┼ż Mihelin (Seascape) – copyright holder



You can also read the Statute of ISCA.


The second step is joining more nationalities and owners…and of course, creating even bigger Seascape community!



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