Editorial – Exciting 2016

Hope all of you, our dear Sailors, had wonderful holidays with your friends and families, thinking about all the beauties and happiness 2015 brought to you. With the beginning of the new year, it is time to make plans and decisions for even happier, successful and more exciting 2016.



The first surprise we have prepared for you will be presented at Duesseldorf boat show, January, 23rd to 31st. Apart from our famous 18 and 27, we are proudly presenting you the new family member, the Seascape 24!

Not only that, we are glad to present you our new very international Sailing program for 2016. The dates have been updated with some new events in USA and Croatia.
We are also thrilled to continue good work on US market with Seascape18 winning the Sailing World award for the Best recreational racer!

With wishes that everyone of you finds a challenge of his own, we are excitingly stepping into a new adventurous year!


Fair Winds in 2016!


Marina Horvat

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