SeascapeSpirit nominations

SeascapeSpirit nominations are for someone in the Seascape community that is doing something extraordinary. If he likes to go out of his way to help others, is sailing our boats in a way that inspires you and others to do the same, or is just a nice to have around. Nominate your candidate for SeascapeSpirit award 2017 if you believe he falls under one or all categories mentioned above and deserves this recognition. Please note that it doesn’t have to be a single person. It could be a couple, family, team or even a business company. It also doesn’t have to be extreme in what he or they do; it could just be a bunch of small things that add up and make him/them stand out.

Also add a short description, a story or anything you would like us to know and appreciate about your nominee.

Current nominees (as submitted):

  • Jan Markus Peters
  • Per Cederberg
  • Michael Berg
  • Jure Jerman
  • Olaf Wittenberg
  • Piotr Zin
  • Doris Gutmann & Hildegard Etz
  • Kjell Johnsonn
  • Philipp Lenzlinger
  • Sven Møller
  • Thomas Hummels
  • FreeSpirit Center
  • Peter Sanburn
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