The missing link

At Seascape we see the sailboat as an interface between a human being and the elements. Therefore efficient design, well-thought out ergonomics and build quality are essential for the quality of experience. Speed is just a side effect.

Every model development starts with assembling a bespoke team of experts, provide them with a precise design brief, use numerous mockups and build prototypes to verify our solutions. Seascapes are our vision of the contemporary sailboat, based on the latest development in the race segment, but tamed and cultivated for recreational sailors and those who are just entering the world of sailing.

Team Seascape

Jan Kobler: Head of finance
Kristian Hajnšek: Head of production
Andraž Mihelin: Head of design and marketing
Tit Plevnik: Quality and oversight of Seascape 27 production
Lena Koter: Purchasing
Jon Brecelj: Sales
Gorazd Mihelin: Quality and oversight of Seascape 18 production
Snežana Kobler: Administration
Matej Kos: Production
Marina Horvat: Customer relations
Luka Zajc: Production


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